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Chocolate Banana Muffins

My never-ending dilemma - What to do with mushy bananas that you don't eat in time? I go Bananas (pun intended), sometimes! I have two great solutions: Banana Chocolate Swirl Cake or these Chocolate Banana Muffins! Decisions, decisions...
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Broiled Teriyaki Salmon

We Love Salmon in my family! I bake it, broil it, or pan-sear it all the time. But the Broiled Teriyaki Salmon takes no time at all! You get Grill-like results at home. The quick heat creates crust while the inside stays tender, butter-like.

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Alla’s 77th Birthday Dinner, Tablescape and Recipes

Alla 77th birthday table t
We have recently celebrated my Alla's (mother-in-law) 77th Birthday and I wanted to create something new and unique for her birthday since she is my #1 Fan! She loves everything that I make, so glad!
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Tablescape Ideas, Tips and Tricks

Tablescape Ideas, Tips and Tricks from Crafty Cooking By Anna
I just wanted to share some Tablescape Ideas, Tips and Tricks that I've picked up over the years of creating themed dinners for the holidays and special occasions.
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Asian-Themed dinner recipes

Asian-Themed Dinner
I was so inspired by seeing homemade sushi in all the groups that I've decided to make an Asian-Themed dinner for my family. All from scratch dinner!
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