Christmas is our FAVORITE holiday! It is a wonderful American holiday that brings families together! What’s not to love, right?

Christmas Dinner 2015

To me personally, it is also a Love for this wonderful country that welcomed us. 
Christmas Dinner 2015
For some reason, I was completely out of ideas just a few days before the Christmas, had no clue what I wanted to cook. Began to panic, but then little by little narrowed down to what I want to do. I didn’t have a lot of time to cook this year since we went to 2 Christmas parties that I needed to cook for. I did make two dishes each time, one for the party and one for us. Same effort and I’m able to accomplish two tasks.
This is my Christmas Menu. I’m trying to be more organized, one of the things I’m always struggling with. I’m sure I’m not the only one, right?
Hopefully, this will serve as an inspiration for your next holiday celebration.

Christmas Menu


Blooming Onion bread
Escargots baked in mushrooms
Greek Spanakopita
Pot Stickers with Shiitake and Baby Bella mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions and dill
Shrimp roll (bought at Publix)
Eggplant Potato bake
Sliced deli meat and cheese, cherry tomatoes


Chicken Salad Christmas Tree

Main Dishes

Baby Back Ribs with roasted peppers and mushrooms
Twice Baked potato
Salmon Meatballs and rice with Teriyaki sauce


Apple Tagutos with Custard sauce
Cinnamon Coffee Cake with pecans and raisins
Belgium chocolates
Fruit bowl


Wine Cocktail
Apple/Grape Punch


Christmas Dinner 2015 chicken salad

Chicken Salad Christmas Tree

Super Delicious and adds so much to the festive mood of this Magical season!

salmon meatballs
Salmon Meatballs and rice with Teriyaki sauce
These meatballs are AMAZING, taste like Фаршированная рыба! (will add recipe to my blog soon)

Christmas Dinner 2015

Eggplant Potato Cake
Click for here for the recipe

Christmas Dinner 2015

Christmas Dinner 2015
Greek Spanakopita 

baby back ribs

Fall-of-the-bone Baby Back Ribs with roasted peppers and mushrooms


Pot Stickers with Shiitake and Baby Bella mushrooms, tomatoes, green onions and dill

Escargots baked in mushrooms
Escargots (canned uncooked) baked in mushrooms with garlic, wine, olive oil and bread crumbs. Delish!

baked potatoes

Twice Baked potatoes 


Christmas Dinner 2015 cake

Cinnamon Coffee Cake with pecans and raisins
> Click here for the recipe <

Christmas Dinner 2015 dessert
Apple Taqutos with Custard sauce



It has been such a warm winter thus far, just a few cold days here and there, which we Love!
My crew has been swimming for a couple of days while Mom (that would be me) cooking. I’ve been watching them and wanted to join on the Fun, but we had a Christmas party to go to and our own to cook for. I was able to join after all the festivities ended.
Our Buddy the Cat loves being around us. He puts his paws in the water, makes bubbles and pops them. He usually does it in private and always has this guilty look when he gets caught in the act. LOL So adorable!

The little (and not so little) details! 

To create a certain mood for the holidays, I start planning a theme and the colors of the tablecloth, serving plates, and decor that will be used. With Christmas, it relatively simple: greens, reds, and gold, right? 

The little Christmas Glass tree I bought at Disney Springs boutique shop. It is a handmade beauty! 

The little Christmas Glass tree with wine charms, I’ve bought last year at Marshalls or TJMaxx, very inexpensive, perfect size for the table. Always be on the lookout for these “special” items that you are not quite sure what to do, but in time they will find their “home”! 

My pet peeve is an unironed tablecloth. It’s such a hassle to do it, but if I don’t do it my OCD will flare up, LOL
I tie the ends to add it more style and so it won’t move around. 

Hang decorative balls on your chandelier, it makes so Festive looking! 

salt pepper

Cute salt and pepper shakers from Target add to the mood!

Christmas Dinner 2015 decor

Celebrating my Jewish roots by adding a Menorah. 

I didn’t want my Mother-in-law to bring anything this year, she has so much on her hands with taken care of her ill husband.

She is my biggest Fan and always so appreciative. Was so sweet that she said that she wished she had a Facebook and could write in English better, she would comment on all of my posts! I’m happy to bring a smile to her tired face. I make sure that I have a few soft food selections for my father-in-law to enjoy as well.

They always walk away with enough food for a few days. We are a small family, but very close! God may not have given me good parents, but he compensated me with Good in-laws that have been a family to me since I was 16! No complaints.

My Life story didn’t begin well, but sure LOVE the Middle part!!!

family Christmas Dinner 2015

My Loving Crew!


Merry Christmas, my friends!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. You table looks beautiful.


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