When I first tried Shakshuka recipeI fell in Love! Shakshuka is a delicious combination of eggs, tomatoes, and spices. It is popular across the Middle East and North Africa.

What I love the most is that Shakshuka comes in many variations: you can make it all vegetarian, low carb, add meat and so on.

Shakshuka, Israel's Famous Breakfast Dish

The other day, I have decided to make Shakshuka for my Hubby for Valentine’s Day!

He absolutely Loved it! It felt so special to share this beautiful dish with a glass of Moscato wine and handmade chocolate strawberries

Valentine's Day Shakshuka Breakfast

What is Shakshuka?

Shakshuka dish is especially popular in Israel, where it is often eaten for breakfast. The more traditional version consists of crushed tomatoes cooked down to a thick sauce with poached eggs on top.
I have tried the original version once, but the overwhelming taste of the tomatoes and lots of spices killed the taste of the eggs for me.
So I’ve decided to lighten up the recipe and add sliced tomatoes on top instead of making a thick tomato sauce. I just love the combination of tomatoes and eggs! 
Shakshuka, Israel's Famous Breakfast Dish

How to make perfectly cooked golden yolks?

Cover the dish and let them poach over med-low heat for a few minutes on the stovetop.

Serve with a piece of toasted bread for dipping into those perfectly GOLDEN EGGS!

Shakshuka, Israel's Famous Breakfast Dish 

To make this Valentine’s Shakshuka, I have used Turkey Bacon from Costco, young potatoes, salad peppers, eggs, cheddar cheese, grape tomatoes and garnish with parsley.

You can easily create bacon roses by folding turkey bacon in half lengthwise and then rolling to create a rose/rosette. Secure them with a wooden toothpick (half a toothpick, actually, so it looks nicer). 

Shakshuka preparation

Again, the beauty of Shakshuka is that there is no wrong way of making it!

You can make it vegetarian, add turkey or real bacon, add sliced young potatoes as I like to do for a hearty breakfast.

Add sliced onion, garlic, your favorite spices, and herbs. It is up to your imagination and your taste.

Shakshuka, Israel's Famous Breakfast Dish
  • Just slice and saute your ingredients on a medium-hot skillet until nice and browned.
Shakshuka, Israel's Famous Breakfast Dish
  • Add eggs, tomatoes, and cheese on top. Reduce the temperature and cover the skillet with a lid.
  • Let the eggs steam for 5 to 7 minutes, or to your liking.
  • Watch not to overcook your eggs. 
Shakshuka, Israel's Famous Breakfast Dish
  • Garnish with parsley leaves, add some fresh pepper and serve!

Shakshuka, Israel's Famous Breakfast Dish

Even though technically it’s a breakfast dish, you can make it any time of the day! I DO! 

Shakshuka, Israel's Famous Breakfast Dish

Just dip a piece of crusty bread into those Yummy egg yolks and Enjoy!

Another version:

Shakshuka with Smoked Salmon roses, potatoes, peppers, green onions, and cherry tomatoes! 

Shakshuka with Smoked Salmon roses for Breakfast

Shakshuka with sausage, potatoes, tomatoes, and green onions. 

Shakshuka Sausage Potatoes

Use the following recipe as a guide!
Adjust the recipe to make just 2 eggs for yourself, or up to 6 eggs to fit comfortably on the skillet. Add more or less of the ingredients listed below or create your own “painting”!

Have FUN with this dish, let your imagination run wild!

Shakshuka Valentines


Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Shakshuka is a delicious combination of eggs, tomatoes, and spices. It is popular across the Middle East and North Africa.


  • pre-cooked packaged turkey bacon strips
  • young potatoes, sliced
  • salad peppers or bell pepper, sliced
  • eggs
  • tomatoes
  • grated cheese
  • Olive oil
  • parsley to garnish
  • pepper and salt to taste


  1. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat.
  2. Add thinly sliced potatoes and peppers, cook just until softened for about 5 to 7 minutes.
  3. Take each strip of bacon, fold lengthwise in half and roll so it looks like a rosebud. Secure with a toothpick.
  4. Add bacon roses to the skillet. If you use pre-cooked bacon just continue to the next step. If you use raw bacon, cook until almost ready.
  5. Use a spatula to create wells for your eggs.
  6. Crack the eggs into each well.
  7. Cover with a lid and simmer for approximately 5 minutes.
  8. Remove the lid, add cheese and tomatoes.
  9. Cover and continue simmering for another 5 minutes or until the whites of the eggs are no longer translucent or until the eggs are done to your liking.
  10. Remove the lid, sprinkle with pepper and garnish with parsley.
  11. Enjoy!

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  1. Hello Anna:

    I just made this recipe and it came out fantastic. Thank you for the detailed recipes. I love your beautiful pictures.


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