New Year’s Dinner 2020

New Year's Dinner 2020
Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful time. I definitely didn't expect myself that I will be cooking this New Year since we just came from the cruise just a couple of days ago.
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Thanksgiving Dinner 2019

Thanksgiving Turkey
I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we surely did! I always try my best to create a holiday atmosphere and bring joy and excitement to my loving crew.
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Mother’s Day 2019

Mother's Day 2019
Hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother's Day! Decided to cook this year to make it more special for everyone. 
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In-laws 56th Wedding Anniversary

anniversary dinner
Celebrated my in-laws 56th Wedding Anniversary recently! Wanted to make a SPECIAL meal for them, spent two days cooking even though I was under the weather. My in-laws expected just a simple dinner and felt very special seeing this table!
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New Year 2018

New Year 2018 table
I hope everyone had a Happy New Year! May the new year bring you good health happiness and prosperity! Life is not the destination, it’s the journey. May you Enjoy each day of your adventure!
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Christmas Dinner 2017

Christmas 2017 Table small
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I love this time of the year! The decorations! The songs! The spirit of the season! The getting together with the family! The Food!
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