Our previous Florida Home! HOME is where my FAMILY is!

The other day I saw Natasha from NatashasKitchen.com posting about an exciting chapter in her life – building a new home! What an adventure this is. It’s both a wonderful experience and at the same time very stressful. 

 It reminded me of when Alex and I moved to Florida, and then a few years later decided to build our new home. For some reason being young (23 and Alex 26) we didn’t want the lived-in house. The Brand-Spanking-Sparkling-NEW-Smell-Home was so Exciting and especially the prices at that time were just Fantastic!

Golf Course lot, the 18th hole!

With shaking hands we signed our first big project. Since US HOMES were going through Chapter 11 reorganization we were able to get a PREMIUM 1/3 acre Golf Course lot that our neighbors paid $35K+ for FREE! We couldn’t resist The Deal! But, for that it took a year before our house was finally complete, with few stressful situations in between, things never go smoothly: a wrong window, wrong color, etc….. Eventually, in 1991 we moved from our small 1,000 SF apartment to this HUGE 2800 SF house with ton of windows and couple of doors. The first few nights was nerve-wracking experience. All these windows, the squeaky stairs, the new noises… We got used to it after awhile and started the next exciting project – building a pool/spa and decorating. It took awhile before we finally welcomed Joshua. Many years have passed…. Dealing with infertility for years is not easy. We went through hell and back to have our son.

It seems strange that all of my memories of the house is when Joshua was born and growing up. We remember the worse of times and the best of times, so it seems. I do have a very selective memory, always. LOL

I remember when they poured the slab and we went to see it , it looked so small that I thought it was only for one room. Well, without the walls it’s difficult to tell. Alex said that on this space will have: kitchen, family room, living/dining, bedroom, bath, laundry and garage. NO WAY!

This home was suppose to be our FOREVER-HOME, but after 18 years, we decided it was time to move to “greener pastures”. It was just as exciting buying a new home, we learned a lot what we need and don’t need. No longer did we want the two story home which we were crazy about for years. The stairs, the squeaky second level floors get to you, the throwing laundry downstairs, the carrying laundry upstairs… 

I used to grow so many vegetables at one time; tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, herbs….

The Fun times of being a kid in the family that has been praying to God for years for you! 

My 80s Florida style kitchen that I enjoyed for years.

Our street!

One of the last pictures in the old home, 2010!
We Loved our previous home and LOVE current!
My Home is where my Family is!!!


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