I’m back to painting these days. This is my latest project  –  an UPSCALED IKEA SIDE TABLE! Wanted it to match the rest of the decor and it came out better than I’ve expected! If you have one – Paint it!

Painting projects: IKEA side table

It has a beautiful texture that I couldn’t capture for some reason. I have used Semi-Glossy Mod Podge as a finish to give it a more upscale and elegant look. 

I have painted the bowl as well at one of the Art classes awhile back.


While shopping at the IKEA I saw this very simple and VERY INEXPENSIVE, I think $10, side table. I wasn’t sure which color to pick and thought that this Aqua/Teal color will be a great choice for my Food Photography. But I didn’t use it much, it was just too plain looking for my taste.

I have used it for background just one time for my Berry Syrniki (cheese pancakes, Творожные оладушки)

Painting projects: IKEA side table

Let the Fun begin…

It is pretty easy to paint these side tables, the only decision is picking out the colors! I love beige/tan/stone shades and especially two-toned furniture with dark and light contrasts as the Dining Room furniture that we bought a few years ago. 

dining room set

And the Kitchen nook furniture set.

Kitchen set

I always gravitate to this beige/brown warm color palette. 

Painting projects: IKEA side table

Painting texture

I wanted to create a lot of depth with added texture to give this smooth and plain surface a more upscale feel. I have found that this Dishwashing Foam Sponge pictured did the trick! You just Tap-Tap-Tap and Voila! 

Painting projects: IKEA side table

This is the FUN part of deciding on the colors to pick. Find where the item will be and find colors to match the environment. For me, I needed Earthy colors to match the granite kitchen nook table.

Painting projects: IKEA side table

These cheap IKEA side tables are the Perfect Height and Size for Food Photography! I have it next to the window so it’s always ready if I need to take a quick shot! 

The finished project!

I was pretty pleased with the finished product and my crew Loves it – bonus! It’s amazing how small things can make a big difference. It definitely dressed up space and that is what I wanted! 

I always introduce imperfections into all of my artwork, it adds certain done-with-human-hands versus factory-made feel. 

Everything that I buy for the house has to have my “stamp” on it and all of my clothes are have gone through some type of alterations. Just feels special to have something unique that you have done yourself, don’t you agree?

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