I’m back to painting these days. This is my latest work –  painted wooden Lazy Susan, an Abstract Flower.  Actually, it has a beautiful shine since I’ve used glossy Mod Podge.

Painted Lazy Susan

Just recently, I was thinking of removing the “CRAFTY” part of my blog. But then I remembered why I’ve decided to have a blog in the first place.

  1.  To keep an organized log of all of my recipes! I get so many inspirations, cook a wonderful meal and then forget. This way I can go back to my own recipes and make it again.
  2. To share my Crafting ideas! This is why I named my blog – Crafty Cooking, I’m a Crafter first! My Pinterest is full of “project” ideas as I imagine most of the people that read this blog. Unfortunately, there is never enough time for all that I wish I could make. 

The background is a newly painted plywood board from Lowes! I love these light, inexpensive plywood boards, bought and painted several so far.

Lazy Susan

Such a funny name – Lazy Susan and such an interesting history or more of a mystery behind the name. A rotating tray that is placed on a table or countertop to distribute food or items. 

If you think that you don’t have an “artistic bone” – you will be surprised as I have been so many times in the past when I would take an art, jewelry class and there are always these unsure of themselves folks that think they can’t do it and then – BOOM – Masterpiece! 

Painted Lazy Susan

The keys to being creative are first to – TRY and second to – NOT BE AFRAID!

I always give this example of if you give remote control to the child. He/she will push EVERY BUTTON, “what does this one do? and this one????” Super curious to learn about the world around them, and that is how you learn.

If you give remote control to let’s say (not too make to much fun) to my inlaws that I love dearly. In a while, long while I might add, they will nervously push ONE button and will wait for a big – “EXPLOSION”! LOL, I’m sure many can relate.

Lazy Susan on the table

I don’t remember where I bought this wooden Lazy Susan, but I found an exact one on Amazon and look how popular it is! Mine is 14″ as well, the perfect size for the table. You can keep your most needed items on it. For us, it’s toothpicks and salt/pepper. 

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Steps on painting Lazy Susan

Here are my steps on painting this Lazy Susan if you want to do the same. The paints you can buy for under a dollar each at Walmart! I think I have EVERY color! 

This is the FUN part of deciding on the colors to pick. Find where the item will be and find colors to match the environment.

For me, I needed Earthy colors to match the granite kitchen nook table.

Few Abstract lines. Still not sure what I want…

We are getting somewhere! Where???

Adding Glitz and Glamour!

The last step after everything is dry – glossy Mod Podge!


The finished project!

I was pretty pleased with the finished product and my crew Loves it – bonus! It’s amazing how small things can make a big difference. It definitely dressed up space and that is what I wanted! 

I always introduce imperfections into all of my artwork, it adds a certain done-with-human-hands versus factory-made feel. 

Everything that I buy for the house has to have my “stamp” on it and all of my clothes are have gone through some type of alterations. Just feels special to have something unique that you have done yourself, don’t you agree?

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