I just wanted to share some Tablescape Ideas, Tips and Tricks that I’ve picked up over the years of creating themed dinners for the holidays and special occasions.

Tablescape Ideas, Tips and Tricks from Crafty Cooking By Anna

First, you need to create a Festive atmosphere!

It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

The tables that I see posted have too little or too much going on.
It’s important to create harmony, Feng Shui on your table.
No busy patterned tablecloth that takes your attention away from the food and makes your head spin.
One-color works best.

If you are setting up a table for Thanksgiving, incorporate fall colors that will emphasize your theme. 

Thanksgiving Dinner 2019 all food!

Fall decor example

If you are setting up a table for Christmas, incorporate red, green and gold décor and serving dishes.

Chrismas Decor example 1

Chrismas Decor example 1

For the New Years, think of using white, black and silver décor.

New Year's Dinner 2020 tablescape

Just a quick tip on the tablecloth.

You can buy a fitted tablecloth, but those are more expensive and not readily available. You can, however, make a “fitted” tablecloth yourself, by gathering the sides and using rubber bands to hold the corners in place.
It gives a more polished look, doesn’t look wrinkled and people can’t move it around while eating. It stays in place!
You can tie a pretty bow to cover the rubber band to make it even more classy looking. Simple, right?
Christmas Tablecloth detail

Table runner

Table runner adds flair, interest and help the eye to navigate toward the center of the table where the food is.
Super inexpensive, buy it in any color you like. You can change the look just by changing the table runner.

Plate Chargers


Buy plate chargers in different colors and shapes.
Like many, I didn’t know what they are for before going to several parties. But now I understand their purpose and I love them!
They are like little trays that pick up little crumbs that fall to the sides, the main purpose.
They definitely dress up any china or even paper plates.
You can change the look of your table just by changing plate chargers. You can buy super inexpensive at the dollar store as I did just recently link here or if you want to splurge link here these are Gorgeous!

Small Table Decor

Christmas Tree table decor 1

Christmas Tree table decor 2

I bought these Adorable, excellent quality LSArts Glass Christmas Trees awhile back.

I have found first one on Huge sale at one of the Disney Springs in Orlando boutiques. 

Second one at either Marshalls or TJmaxx store. 

But you can buy these on Amazon as well, click here!

Christmas 2018 Tablescape

Back to our Dollar store, buy little decorations for the table. Leaves, pumpkins for Thanksgiving. Pine cones, little Christmas trees, small ornaments for Christmas and New Year, you get the idea.

Decorative Serving Dishes

Decorative serving plates add a lot of interest on the table.

Again, as much as I love patterned serving plates solid color works best. 

But interesting and unusual shapes. 

Loaded Eggplant Dip (Baba Ganoush)


It’s very simple to decorate every dish, just add some color.

Have on hand: green herbs like parsley, dill, oregano, thyme, whatever you like.
Slice grape or cherry tomatoes, slice colorful salad bell peppers, pomegranate seed, sliced oranges… you get the idea – COLOR!
All these little details create a HUGE IMPACT on how your holiday table will look.
I hope this post has been helpful to make your next party a success! 
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  1. I don’t have a talent to decorate my tables but now by reading this article I think I will be able to make them look nicer 😊
    Thank you for sharing!!


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