If you are looking for ideas for the upcoming Holiday season, I would like to share some of mine from previous years. Our Thanksgiving Dinner 2016 ! Enjoy!

Thanksgiving Dinner 2016


Since we have a small gathering and prefer dark meat, Turkey Legs is the best solution for us. They always come out juicy and delicious. I do not follow any traditions, we prefer to set our own. Every holiday we have a different set of recipes. 

How to make Roasted Turkey Legs

Since we prefer dark meat, Roasted Turkey Legs is one of our Favorite meals! Super easy to make, just takes time in the oven. I prepare Turkey Legs the same way as my Fall of the bone Baby Back Ribs!


Season well with whatever concoction you have on hand. I always use Meat tenderizer (about 1 tsp), Garlic powder, Montreal Steak seasoning, Steakhouse Onion Burger, rubs, paprika.

The key to making them Tender is to Wrap well in a Heavy Duty foil. I do not add water as some recipes suggest, since when I wrap well the ribs naturally give out juice. You can leave to marinate overnight, wrapped, and just ready for the oven the next day!

Bake in the Preheated at 350F oven for 2 to 2 1/2 hours
After they are cooked, open up, drain most of the juices, spread BBQ sauce, and bake uncovered for an additional 15 minutes

My Thanksgiving Menu below, for those that are interested.

As always, I have a much larger list that I start with but have to cut it to more a manageable list as I realize that it’s not realistic. I have two men that I need to feed a few times a day in addition to cooking for the party. My Mother-in-law brought her Amazingly Delicious Chicken Liver pate and the Famous Russian – Olivier salad!

Thanksgiving 2016 Menu:

Olivier salad
Chicken Liver Pate with bread 
Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs
Crabmeat stuffed mushrooms
Sliced ham and cheeses
Roasted eggplant spread
Baked Puff pastry pockets with mashed potatoes, sauteed onions, dill and sour cream
Cucumbers and tomatoes plate

Fall-Of-The-Bone BBQ Turkey Legs
Roasted garlic potatoes with mushrooms and peppers
Creamy mashed potatoes
Turkey gravy
Shrimp and Crawfish Scampi with linguine (since Mother-in-law loves it!)

Puff Pastry Apple/Raisin/Pecan Strudel
Puff Pastry Hazelnut/Chocolate puffs
Creme cheese/yogurt/creme brulee topped with freshly made cranberry/raspberry sauce and slivered almonds
Ferrero Rocher candy
Fruit platter
Cranberry/raspberry sauce

Fruit Punch

A sneak peeks at my Thanksgiving table decoration. My crew LOVES it, as always, and my son wants to keep it like this all year long. Love to see the smiles on their faces. The setting feels Special! No food yet, but at least we get to enjoy this beauty!

table decor 
Being an artist, I LOVE COLOR and have to have it on my plate and in my surroundings. I’m always on the lookout for colorful, unusual shape objects. Since it’s a Thanksgiving theme, I’ve pulled out of all my leaf-shaped plates. I bought the small colorful, I believe soy sauce leaf plates from the Japanese store at Epcot. I always shop there any time we are at Epcot.

table decor
Love my new white octagonal shape MIKASA china that I bought with Mother-in-law the other day at Costco!

Great DEAL and anything that MIKASA makes is amazingly Beautiful. I wanted a plain with some design white lightweight, not heavy, china set. So happy we found this one!!! And did I mention – Great Price! I’m a BARGAIN QUEEN, it’s in my blood!

plate napkin decor

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