Wall Art

Wall Art

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]ust wanted to share some ideas if you have kids or want to create an inexpensive Wall Art!

These Wall Art pieces I’ve created many years ago. They have a Sentimental value for me. My son, being a toddler, made the doodles on these wooden shapes from Michael’s. I have enhanced them and brushed with Mod Podge to make them shiny. The Wooden squares on the sides are his wooden blocks that I’ve painted in pewter color, so it looks like it’s metal. Everything is made out of wood and put together with an epoxy glue. Have it hanging as you enter my house. My Favorite piece! The others are $1 Wooden frames from Michael’s. I can’t draw, but I can – DOODLE! An COLORFUL Abstract Modern Art suits my taste!

Below my work is my son’s Lego creations that I LOVE!

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    HI Anna! I would love to show you my finished project. Rememeber I told you I was doing a jewerly organizer for my friend’s daughter. So, finally its done:). How can I put the picture of it to this site? Maybe its easier just to post it on your Timeline? 🙂

    Just shared your recipe of Banana Swirl Cake with my coworker. She loves to bake 🙂

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    Love your Art Wall! Very creative!


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