Delicious Russian Berry Farmer Cheese Sirniki (cheese pancakes)!

Berry Cheese Sirniki

My son always brags to his friends what a delicious cheese fruit pancakes I make for us. He said if I were to make a business just on my pancakes, “You would make Millions!” LOL  Makes Mom happy to hear such words of appreciation.

Berry Cheese Sirniki


You can use plain flour with this recipe and add a teaspoon of Baking powder to it. But my ABSOLUTE Favorite to use is – Lund’s Swedish Pancake Mix! LOVE the Natural without much Additives ingredients: Wheat Flour, Malted Barley Flour, Whey Powder, Sugar, Salt, Baking Powder. You can use the mix to make Thin Pancakes, Waffles and Crepes. The combination of Wheat and Malted Barley flours make these much lighter than regular flour. You can find it at your local supermarket or buy on Amazon.

One of my Secret Ingredients that I always use for pancakes is my beloved – Baileys’ Coffee Creamer – Crème Brulee!!! I have tried other flavors, but find this one is the Best, for us. I Always have it on hand since I like it in my coffee daily! It give an Excellent Flavor and Aroma to your baking goods as well, I prefer to use it instead of adding vanilla.

Super Easy to make and So Delicious! This is my Go-To recipe. Enjoy!

Berry Cheese Sirniki



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Berry Syrniki (cheese pancakes)
  • 1 Pkg (7.5 oz) Friendship Farmer Cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 to 1½ Cup of Buttermilk Pancake mix or Any Pancake Mix
  • 2 Tsp. creamer, flavored yogurt or vanilla extract
  • about ½ Cup of Milk (2%) or Buttermilk (for thicker Syrniki)
  • ⅓ Cup Sugar
  • dash of salt
  • ½ Cup fruit
  • Vegetable oil
  • Butter
  1. Mix all of the ingredients in the order listed. Adjust the batter to your liking. If you want thicker Syrniki use less milk.
  2. Place a tablespoon of oil and butter on skillet. Adjust heat as necessary. First batch will require higher heat than lower for subsequent batches. Flip pancakes after bubbles rise to surface and bottoms brown. Brown on both sides, about 2 to 4 minutes on each side, depending on the size of your pancakes.
Homemade Fruit jam:
Blueberries, couple of tablespoons of grape juice (or ANY juice) and tablespoon of squeezed lemon. Just simmer on low for an hour until thickens on its own stirring frequently.

If you are looking for the Best Pancake Mix, this is the one I have found so far - Lund's Swedish Pancake Mix! Look at the NATURAL ingredients listed. Unbelievable taste and Super adjustable. I make sirniki by adding egg, milk and farmers cheese. You can make Fluffy ones as you see in the pictures by adding buttermilk. Make waffles or crepes.



2 Responses to VIDEO RECIPE > Berry Syrniki (cheese pancakes)
  1. I have never heard of farmers cheese. Can it be substituted with cream cheese?

    • Crafty Cooking by Anna

      Janie, you can find Farmer cheese in most supermarkets, usually next to the cream cheeses.
      Farmer Cheese actually is a mild cross between cream cheese and Ricotta cheese. The flavor is close to Cottage cheese, but the texture is much dryer. You can try Ricotta or Cottage, but will need a bit more flour/pancake mix.


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