Soup Recipes

Soup Recipes

Lobster Bisque plate

Lobster Bisque is usually creamy and smooth. This is a heartier Chowder-like version of this unbelievably delicious soup!  With a piece of crusty French bread, it’s more of a meal than just a soup. I’m sure you will love this recipe as much as we did. Your family will feel like they are dining at a […]

Creamy Mushroom soup thumb

This Creamy Mushroom Soup is super easy to prepare! It’s rich, savory, and satisfying comfort food in a bowl! You will want to make this soup again and again. Delicious with a chunk of crusty baguette!

Vegetarian Borscht

Easy and delicious recipes, inspired by my Ukrainian ancestry Vegetarian Borscht – a hearty and deeply satisfying bowl of soup, with a sweet-sour finish that your family will enjoy! Perfect hot or cold!